SciSpace – AI powered tool (research assistant)

SciSpace je spletno orodje, ki temelji na uporabi metod umetne inteligence (UI), ki pomaga uporabniku pregledovati in razumeti znanstveno literaturo, predvsem znanstvene članke. Gre za uporabno orodje, ki je brezplačno za omejen nabor možnosti, za kaj več postane plačljivo orodje za mesečno ali letno naročnino.

SciSpace is an AI-powered research assistant designed to simplify the process of exploring and understanding scientific papers. Here are some key features of SciSpace:

  1. Literature Review: SciSpace allows you to conduct literature reviews more efficiently. You can ask questions about PDFs, extract data, and even request explanations and summaries. It’s like having an AI co-pilot for your research journey.
  2. PDF Data Extraction: With SciSpace, you can highlight text in scientific PDFs and extract relevant information. This feature streamlines the process of gathering insights from research paper.
  3. AI Reading Co-pilot: SciSpace employs advanced AI technologies, including transfer learning, attention-based models, multilingual pre-trained text-to-text transformers, and deformable transformers. These tools help you comprehend complex topics quickly and efficiently.
  4. Text Paraphraser: Need to simplify terms or explain intricate concepts? SciSpace’s text paraphraser can assist you in breaking down academic content into simpler language.

In summary, SciSpace aims to automate repetitive tasks, enhance collaboration among researchers, publishers, and institutions, and make the research process more accessible and effective. Give it a try and explore the vast world of scientific knowledge!